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Making Money With Bo Sanchez: A Review of the Truly Rich Club

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Do You Want to Gain Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance at the Same Time?

Learn how to become a millionaire from Bo Sanchez by being a member of the Truly Rich Club

What is the Truly Rich Club?

The Truly Rich Club is a membership site where members are coach by Bo Sanchez on how to make money and create wealth, guided by Biblical principles, through

·   WealthStrategies (a weekly e-newsletter that discusses actionable ideas for creating wealth);

·  PowerTalk (powerful inspirational messages received by members twice a month);

·  Success Mentor Collection (an interview conducted by Bo with successful people);

·   GodWhisper (a short insightful message sent daily to your email);

·   Stocks Update (information on the companies that Bo invests in and their performance and other recommendation on stock investing);

·    and many more.

Who needs the Truly Rich Club?

         The Truly Rich Club is for individuals who like to become wealthy and fulfill their dreams. It is for people who wants to learn how to become a millionaire.

It is for people who wants to get wealthy financially and spiritually in order to be an instrument of God’s blessings to other people.

It is definitely for people who are struggling with their finances but willing to learn and create passive income so that they can achieve financial independence through the application of simple and proven money management system.

It is not for people with a rich-quick mindset.

It is recommended for people who would like to attend an actual seminar of Bo Sanchez but cannot due to the geographical constraints. So the solution is to receive the seminar online.

          Even if you are living outside the Philippines you can be part of the Truly Rich Club.

What will you get as a member of the Truly Rich Club?

Immediately upon joining the club you will have an instant access to your downloadable mp3 of the "How To Be Truly Rich Seminar" delivered by Bo (in Singapore). It's like attending a live seminar of Bo with an added benefit that you have the option to hear it again and again and again. This is important because repetition is the mother of learning.

As a member you will receive two PowerTalks every month. Some examples of the audios you will receive are:
·         Find Your Emotional Why
·         Create Your Wealth Beliefs
·         Be Consistently Aggressive
·         Law Of The Harvest
·         Create Money Machines
·         Control Your Cash
·         Stick To Your Game
·         How God Gives You Victory
·         How To Manifest Your Divine Goodness
·         Know When To Quit
·         How To Have A Breakthrough
You will also receive an Ebook version of Bo's book such as:
·         8 Secrets Of The Truly Rich
·         How To Conquer Your Goliaths
·         How To Turn Thoughts Into Things
·         My Maid Invests In The Stock Market
·         One True Love
·         Simplify And Live The Good Life
·         You Can Make Your Life Beautiful

Through the weekly newsletter WealthStrategies you will receive a short lesson on things that you can do to improve your financial life with an action session (or assignment, or exercise if that's what you prefer) for you to do to apply what you have learned. Examples of the lessons are:
·         Hang out with people with larger money mindsets
·         Why you should be an entrepreneur
·         A lot of available cash can harm your business
·         Avoiding the free lunch attitude
·         How to live rich for less
·         Prayer is the "Magic Sauce" of becoming prosperous
·         Why you need to "court" before you "marry" (as applied to business not in relationship)

Now, this is important. If you are investing in the Philippine stock market, as one of your wealth accumulation strategy as suggested by Bo in his book "My Maid Invests In The Stock Market," then the Stocks Update newsletter is indispensable resource. Why? Because the recommendation of Bo on what stocks to buy, what companies to invest in, when to sell, what is the correct strategy is very valuable. If you don't have the time to study the performance of companies and market trends, then it will be very helpful. It's like hiring a staff to do the analysis for you. How much would you pay someone to do the research for you?

Unadvertised bonus

          You will be surprised with the unexpected bonus materials that will be sent to you by Bo Sanchez in your email and even on the snail mail (postal address) that you provided.

          An example will be a copy of one of Bo’s book will be delivered to you with no additional cost to you.

          I believe Bo likes to provide value 10-100X the amount being paid by the Truly Rich Club members.


          Click Here   <---  To read what other members say about the Truly Rich Club.

How To Be A Member?

          To be a member you need to register here --->   Click Here

          You can choose to be either a Gold Member or a SuperGold member. As a SuperGold member you will receive Bo’s PowerTalk in CD and DVD as well as the “How To Be Truly Rich Seminar” and “Success Mentor Collection” in DVD.

          There are two payment options: online and offline.

For online you need to have a credit card to pay for your membership fee.

The other option is to pay via bank deposit. You have to make 6 months minimum payments but you get 10% discount. If you deposit for 12 months payments then you will get a 20% discount. You will be given a unique Payment# for the transaction.

So if you are ready to gain financial wealth and spiritual abundance then click the link below:

--->   Click here    <---


          Bo is guaranteeing that you will be satisfied with your purchase. You can join now and download all the files available within your first month. Then you can cancel your membership if you are not satisfied and you will still keep the files you received.


Stay Informed!

If you are not yet ready but want to receive an update on the materials that I am receiving, then just simply fill in your email address in the upper right corner of this site. I will send you an update plus a summary of the concepts and lessons being discussed on the materials being sent to members so that you will learn how to make money.

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